Essential Tips for your desktops and laptops!

Everybody knows how to use a computer; however, all the computer or laptop users are not tech-savvy. There are times when the desktop or laptop fails to function or suddenly starts working slow. We at Spain Tech club provide you with some basic and expert troubleshooting steps that any non-technical person can also take in order to restore the desktops or laptops.

If your computer or laptop does not start, then firstly, you need to check the main connection. It might be possible that there is a problem in power supply to the desktop. In case of laptops, you can check the battery of the same. If the battery of the laptop is completely exhausted, then it might take several minutes for the laptop to start after connecting the same to the main power supply.

If you get an error message for any of your software installed, then you need to restart the desktop or laptop and run a virus scan.

If you are working and suddenly the computer just freezes, then you can first press Ctrl + Alt+ Delete keys at the same time. Once you press this you will get a window where you can either end the program or restart the machine. If nothing happens after pressing these keys, then you can hold the main power button for at least 5-10 seconds, and your computer will restart.

Always clean your computer or desktop by ensuring that the least number of files are saved on your desktop. Make appropriate folders. Also, ensure you regularly clean the hard disk files and cache memory of the computer. This will prevent your computer or laptop to run slow.

You can take the above mentioned simple troubleshooting step; however, if the problem still persists with your computer, then it is wise to show the same to a technical expert. Spain Tech Club is one of the renowned companies to provide technical support for such problems.

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