The new age gadgets: 2016 revolutionary gadgets

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an annual trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association at Las Vegas, USA. This event hosts an array of new products and technologies to woo the customers.
Here is an overview of few innovative new gadgets presented in 2016, which emphasis the trending technologies surrounding smart home, virtual reality and fitness gadgets:

Rollable OLED
The electronics giant LG showcased an exciting ‘Rollable OLED’, which as the name suggest, is a screen that one can roll up. Imagine if the rolling screens become a reality, then practically all those products will transform which have a display.

It is a smart umbrella which lets one know the weather forecast of rain and send a reminder to carry the umbrella with oneself on rainy days. It is an example of turning everyday products into smart gadgets.

Livestream Movi
Movi, a 4K video camera and app, launched by Livestream will allow one to broadcast different camera angles to alter the viewpoint by selecting different crop areas to generate a 720p final video. It is a tiny camera that may easily fit in one’s bag.

It is an alarm clock that diffuses enticing smell of one’s choice in the room at appointed hour e.g. coffee, money or mint. This smell would captivate one’s senses and force to get out of bed.

Smart Remote
As the name suggests, it is a smart remote, launched by Sevenhugs, which will help to control all those gadgets which have an interface with the usage of one single remote.

Family Hub refrigerator
Samsung has launched a new refrigerator with huge touch-screen embedded in the front door with useful applications and cameras to send the pictures of the content of the refrigerator.

Smart glass frames
Carl Zeiss Optics has launched augmented-reality glasses for everyday wear. These glasses do not look conspicuous as they embedded the necessary technology into the polycarbonate lens.

Lumo Run shorts and capris
These clothes are in reality wearable gadgets that feature a tracker embedded in the lining of the shorts that acts as a coach after collecting one’s working out data.

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