Top gadgets that can keep you safe

Gadgets are ruling our lives now a day, may it be entertainment, telecom, cooking, or health concerns, all have a sway of gadgets as a whole. In addition to the list, a most wanted concern of safety is also influenced by the gadgets. This indeed is necessary now a day, as per hiking insecurity of lives. Thus, from infant to adults and from home to office, gadgets shield us everywhere. Below discussed are top gadgets that one should be aware of as they keep us safe –

1. Safelet – Unlikely to be just a bracelet, a safelet works much differently being a safety gadget on the role. A safelet has two buttons on either side, which can be pressed to send message to the family and friends in case of emergency. It can also sync with the users mobile phone and record audio clips for evidence.

2. Revolar – Revolar is a small 2-inch device, which can be easily hooked in the pocket or keys and do not require any app to assist the action. Double click on revolar sends a yellow alert a message to anyone from the contact list informing the user’s location and that he is insecure. Triple clicks on the device send a red alert message that indicates that the user is in immediate need.

3. Be On LED bulbs – Be on LED Bulbs keeps burglars away from your home. You don’t have to be alert all the time, no matter whether you are in or out of your home. Be on LED bulbs are fitted near the main door and have a sensor that automatically gets ON as anyone reaches the door and so the burglars will, of course, forbid and threat from entering your home.

4. Master Lock wide Bluetooth smart padlock – This smart padlock has an inbuilt anti-sim technology that alerts with any touch to unlock it and gets connected with a smartphone app through Bluetooth. Also, if a known second person wants to unlock the master lock, you can add him as a guest visitor in the app, for clarification.
Thus, live freely as your gadgets are here to take care of you.

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