Get the most out of your laptop

Wise men always say, “It is better to be safe than sorry.” We can abide by this saying in all aspects of our lives – including in the maintenance of our laptops. Many people take their laptops for granted and do not take good care of them, resulting in the deterioration in their performance. Apart from installing safety features such as anti-virus programs, one should pay attention to the hardware component too.

Laptops should not be exposed to heat for long periods of time. Excessive heat causes electronic circuits to fail faster, ultimately reducing the lifespan of the battery. So, avoid using laptops in places that emit excess heat such as the kitchen. Most of the laptops are designed to dissipate heat. If your laptop does not have the ability to dissipate heat, you should consider purchasing a laptop base with an in-built fan to increase the lifespan of your laptop.

Many people purchase additional batteries for their laptops in the event of a power failure. Studies have shown that majority of the people do not require a second or a third battery. They simply purchase these batteries and keep them aside for years. The strange and yet important thing about modern lithium ion batteries is that their power starts degenerating the moment they are created. So, regardless of their usage, their performance will deteriorate over time. So, unless you are certain that you will be using additional batteries in the near future, it is better to avoid the additional expense.

Laptops and desktops have a number of features and programs to make consumers’ lives easy. However, an average consumer does not utilize many features of a laptop, including the fingerprint scanner. For added security, experts are urging consumers to shift from single factor authentication to either dual factor authentication or multifactor authentication. In a single factor authentication system, a consumer simply has to provide the correct password before he/she is granted access to view files in a laptop. In a dual factor authentication system, the user has to enter the right password and scan his/her finger to gain access to a system. Only those who have registered their fingerprints will have access to the system. By utilising security features that are in-built in your laptop, you will be able to protect the confidential data in your system and prevent it from going into the wrong hands.

By taking good care of your computer and utilising the relevant security features, you will not only increase the lifespan of the laptop, but you will also protect the information that is invaluable to you.

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